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The stress of daily living can be tough.  Sometimes business meetings drag on interminably.  Sometimes people are stupid.  Sometimes you wish you could jump out of the window.

Solutions can be hard to come by.

But now a revolutionary new product designed to give you that extra advantage and live life to your fullest potential is finally here.  And it does not involve exercise, drugs or surgery.

  • Wouldn't you like to smile in the face of idiocy without grinding your teeth down into little nubs?
  • Wouldn't you like to feel quietly superior against overwhelming odds created by overwhelmingly odd people?
  • Wouldn't you like to have a secret weapon when your boss adds another task to your plate...and then goes for coffee?

The IMMAT ("It Makes My Ass Tired") bracelet is finally here:

immat tm.png

Borne out of the frustrations of dealing with people, places, and events that make for tired asses, the IMMAT bracelet was loosely based on the WWJD bracelet craze of several years ago.  Very loosely.

But despite it's inauspicious beginnings, the IMMAT bracelet is designed to empower man (and woman) kind.  And that seems like something that Jesus would do.

Consider this:

You are sitting in a meeting and someone describes the new  mandatory communication training as a "tentacle-to- tentacle experience toward growth and development."   You simply rub your IMMAT bracelet and the urge to vomit dissipates quickly.  That's empowerment.

You find yourself on a blind date with someone who talks incessantly about his devotion to the art of square dancing.  You smile and give the IMMAT salute (slightly shifting your behind in your chair).  You are now an overcomer.

You discover that a local dentist (who makes 10 times your salary) does not know in which war the Battle of Gettysburg was fought.  Consequently, you become concerned about your new dental work since you now seem to be picking up certain radio frequencies.  Your new IMMAT mantra gives you strength.

You find yourself driving in rush hour traffic when a slow moving pickup truck with some guy sitting in the flatbed pulls out in front of you....the kind of guy whose butt crack is probably showing.  You reach for your bracelet and are reminded that you can continue to live in Indiana.


The IMMAT bracelet is designed for overt and covert usage.  Tell your friends about IMMAT....but keep it secret from your enemies.  Remember, it's for your very own personal stress relief.  And it's a thousand times more powerful than those stupid stress balls.

Look what these satisfied users have to say:

Having been the proud owner of the Beta version of IMMAT, I want to thank my old friend for the privilege and attest to it's value. With minimal practice you will be able to sit thru patently absurd meetings and smile. Nothing can bother you unless you lose focus. That is the true's right there and all you have to do is chant the IMMAT mantra, grab your bracelet and focus returns. I would caution the casual user not to wear two. While you might think this would better serve both may bolster your relief to the point of giddiness or hysteria...hard to explain. Another caution, best not to respond to "What is making you so happy?" with "My ASS ISN'T TIRED!"    ......   JDB


I too derive comfort from the IMMAT, Indiana being my domicile. I don't don the corporate mantle, but have many stories from my personal life where the IMMAT saved my ass. It's so easy to use! I just put it on and go. The mantra has become second nature. Road rage is gone. The tendency to axe murder...gone. The alcoholic binges, frequenting the seedy strip clubs, the gambling, the street drugs, the propensity towards prostitut...Oh. Sorry. Anyway, it's unbelievable. I encourage anyone who hasn't tried it to give it a go. It will change your life too. I'm sure glad I did!  ....... C. Davis


I have found that my ass has been tired more and more frequently in recent days. Consequently, I have been using my hand (in public) to rub my posterior for relief. Although this self-soothing technique has kept me from suffering from a tired ass, I have made my friends disgusted and afraid.

Your new IMMAT wrist bands will literally save my "ass" from embarr"ass"ment and possible commitment in the local psychiatric facility. Rubbing this handy wrist band is something that I can do anywhere, any time, and in any company.

Great thinking!     ......  Methane Man


Year after year after year, my ass has been shrinking from sitting in those comfortable boardroom chairs while listening to impressive presentations....."not."

After receiving my IMMAT bracelet, I can truthfully ass has gotten bigger and I now ENJOY those inane meetings. Thank you so much!

I'm now off to another "bored" meeting...and feeling GOOD about it! Again, thank you Sandy for helping me get my ASS back!!! You saved my life/ass...and with this new product I just may be here for another 30 YEARS!!!

Not responsible for subliminal messages.   ......    Lt James PC


.........I was called into a meeting. Not just ANY meeting, but a meeting to plan when we were going to have a meeting........As my eyes rolled up in the back of my head, and my ass went numb, I looked down at my trusty IMMAT and had a brainstorm. I made an abrupt jerking motion, (kind of like I'd been shocked, or maybe it looked more like a seizure). I reached down, picked up my pager (the one that hasn't worked for a year and a half), and announced, "I'm sorry, whatever you all decide is OK with me, I have to take this." I then promptly left the room. Such ingenuity clearly came as a result of "de-stressing" with my IMMAT.     Thanks again IMMAT.   Because of you, my ass may never be tired again!    ......... bk (aka) don't touch me


IMMAT has given me back my sanity....... bureaucracy reigns wildly but not well here. Two examples will do. In the motor vehicle bureau, the managers were instructed to remove the clocks from the walls. Yes,really. Apparently the Commissioner didn't know that citizens now carry watches........ Waiting one's turn isn't so bad (service is steady, and employees are pleasant), but contemplating that some idiot (paid with my tax dollars) is making that sort of policy decision makes me steam. My IMMAT band soothes me sufficiently, so that when leaving the bureau I am completely free of road rage.

Secondly, an office which exists to help people with a particular social problem, has a VIP who has a "One Way -- Mine" sign in his office. So, problem solving outside the box is a vice. And success achieved unconventionally is, well, invisible. This perspective challenges even the awesome strength of the IMMAT salute. You can imagine that the IMMAT band gets twisted nearly to its breaking point, but then, astonishingly, twisting somehow releases the resting power of IMMAT. The IMMAT band is quite simply the equivalent of chamomile tea!  .................   serenissima


immat benefit.jpg

IMMAT Treatment Day 2


immat benefit.jpg

IMMAT Treatment Day 21


The above photos give a good visual impression of an IMMAT treatment success program. Notice that the photo on the top embodies a tired ass at the end of a long work day. Three weeks later, the photo on the bottom clearly demonstrates that the IMMAT has been working. Notice that the tired lines are gone and that the cheeks look more refreshed and resilient with a healthy glow.

When all is said and done can you really afford not to own an IMMAT bracelet??

Take a look at these satisfied customers:




IMMAT bracelets are made from 100% silicone, and are stronger and longer lasting than rubber bracelets.   At this time, we offer our bracelets in only one size.  The bands are 8 3/8" around and will fit most adults and large-framed teenagers.  They are  0.5" Wide (about the width of an average thumb nail) with an average thickness of  0.08" (Roughly 2 dimes thick).

IMMAT bands now come in three colors: an exquisite purple, camoflage and royal blue--all with black debossed lettering.  An exclusive IMMAT DVD and beautiful color brochure accompanies your order.  You will be proud to let others know whether your ass is tired or not.

To order your IMMAT bracelet via credit card or PayPal, press the order link below.  Ordering is easy and convenient so you have no excuse.   Order today.  Place your order specifications for color in the comment box during the order process.  (Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery).


  Order an IMMAT  bracelet today!

Your feedback is valuable.  Stop by our blog and let us know how the IMMAT bracelet has changed your life.  Go here now.


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